sound composition for microphones, 4-track and micromoog...

wrn-32 die weisse rose netzwerk 1994

in 1993, i recorded these tracks with the vague idea of using them as sources... recording on one mono track at a time, with my tascam portaone... starting with a single microphone in a window of my house in ferndale, michigan... picking up thunderstorm sounds, the neighbor's van backfiring in the driveway, and late one night, a car driving down my street with a very flat tire... when one track on the tape was filled, i flipped the tape over and recorded the next track... i filled out the tape with synthesizer experiments i made as i tested out the micromoog that had been passed along to me by friends... it was found in a dumpster, was believed to be in non-working condition... i took it apart, cleaned it, and when i flipped the voltage input switch, it worked... for a long time i used the original source tape as a sleep aid... i played it in a stereo boombox next to my bed, and fell asleep to the combination of sounds... listening backwards and forwards, with the accidental juxtapositions lulling me... at some point i began to think of it as a sound work in and of itself... not deliberate, but it was subjected to unconscious deliberation... so i made various mixes of it... the earliest mixes i have found date from february and march of 1997, but the release date and catalog number i assigned to it are from 1994... perhaps for the interval in between it only existed in my mind... as did so much... that's still true...


released May 12, 1994

recorded 1993
remixed 1997o215
digital transfer 2o16o43o



all rights reserved


will soderberg... Des Plaines, Illinois

will soderberg... uses guitars, electronics & field recordings to evoke sounds ranging from the dawn of sound reinforcement to the digital future that doesn't include you... his work has included multimedia installations and performances exploring the outer limits of sound and video for over 3 decades, including shows across north america, and in germany and japan… ... more

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